New Townie
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Give a big shirtless Fandom welcome to Hera Syndulla (futurespacemom) of Star Wars Rebels! She'll be taking over ownership of the junkyard.


Reminder: Spring Break!
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Heyo, folks! Don't forget to sign up for our spring break trip to the Caribbean before tomorrow evening!

Time for a Vacation! SPRING BREAK!
lsp: heyyy there
Not next week, but the week after, it's SPRING BREAK! Yep, from February 19th through to the 25th, Fandom's students and teachers going on vacation again! Since we've had QUITE ENOUGH excitement this past year, we'll be going somewhere nice, tropical, and escapist. Yes, it's true: we're going to Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, for reasons that have nothing to do with clinging to the legs of people in backwards baseball caps.

Are you a student or a teacher? Want to go on a tropical vacation? Sign up down here! Sign-ups are due next Friday, February 17th. Townies and expats/alumni are allowed to come along if they're invited as a +1 by a teacher. You know the drill.

[[ sign up below! ]]

Valentine's Day Flowers - 2017!
i am having a wedding
As evidenced by the pinkness of my local drugstore and the sound of trigons_child weeping in the distance, it's time once again for the Student Council's Valentine's Day flower sale! For a trip down memory lane about what the flower sale ends up looking like, see the most recent entries here!

Carnations and roses are available in all colors and in any quantity. Flowers can be sent to anyone, and can be sent from any character, including alumni and ex-pats. ICly, the flower orders will go through the Student Council (either in person or by e-mail for those who aren't local).

To make an order, leave a comment here with the following information by 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, February 13th:

Feel free to leave multiple orders in one comment! The flower deliveries will happen on Valentine's Day morning (Tuesday).

New Townie!
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Hey everyone! We're excited to interrupt your Saturday to announce the arrival of Jenkins (livingartifact) to the island, from The Librarians!

Make sure to give him a warm welcome!

New Townies!
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We welcome some familiar faces back to the island this weekend: Zack Fair (puppy_fair) and Yamanaka Ino (flowering_mind), who'll be, respectively, taking over Furnado because PUPPIES, and starting her own business at 23 Sphinx, called Pick Your Poison which is a completely above-board bath and body shop and absolutely positively does not offer any additional services to be negotiated on a case by case basis if you know the secret password.

(The secret password is money.)

There is no secret password.

Meme: Questions!
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So I think last time I did this one was actually the day before my first interview for my current job. Go figure. ANYHOW. Meme!

Pose a question (or as many as you'd like, and they don't
all have to be in one comment, so you can come back later
and add more if you want) to your fellow students,
teachers, townies, alumni and expatriates, and they will
answer them. These are IC questions and IC answers and
should be truthful! They can be personal or silly. You don't
have to answer all of them! Nothing counts in game, of
course and etc.

So, for example, I'd ping in with a question like 'Are you in
love? If so, with who? If not, why not?' And people ping in
under me and answer that question. There's no latesies on
this, because of the format, so people can ping in at their
leisure. And ANYONE can ask questions!

New Townie!
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Hey, all! We interrupt your weekend of dead loved ones to announce the arrival of Verity Price (borealpriestess)!

Please give her a warm welcome!

Reminder: Field of Dreams
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Hey, folks! A quick reminder that applications for Field of Dreams close today!

Field of Dreams Sign-Ups!
20 years later: the speaker for the dead
This is the application form for the deceased visitors plot. Please fill this out for the characters you want to app. Remember, you can get any FH player you can talk into it to play your character's visitor.

Cut and paste the text below into a comment and fill it out; comments are screened.


FIELD OF DREAMS: THE RETURN OF THE FIELD. er, dream. dream field?
20 years later: on the beach
Many, many a sleep ago in a Fandom by the sea -- July 2010 to be exact -- idontlooktired ran with a plot idea initially suggested by robinthefrog, and presented us with a glorious weekend of angst, catharsis, and brain-breakage galore. And now, after several repeats, per request once again, we announce: FIELD OF DREAMS: THE DREAMENING.

This will be open to all characters, Alumni and Expats included!

Tell Me More!Collapse )

Where do I sign up?

There is an application form right over here, stolen, like much-but-not-all of this post, from our beloved idontlooktired. (And/or our beloved nookiepowered.) Sign-ups will close MONDAY JANUARY 9th AT NOON PST.

If you're looking for someone to play a character for you, you can do so in the comments of this post!

Class Tags!
alone and brooding
Hello, folks! Here are your class tags for the coming semester:

TAGSCollapse )

Let us know if you miss a tag or want a new one!

This semester, I'm applying character tags in townies and dorms at first appearance of a new character in that community, as we ran out of tag space and I'm trying to economize. Oops.

Spring 2017 Class Rosters
x plot: i can do this all day, x plot: tiny earnest steeb
Ye olde spreadsheet is over here, with the old-fashioned wall of names version under the handy cut-text to follow. Please let me know if I've mixed anything up/left anyone off!

Yay, fake classes!Collapse )

Reminder: Class Sign-Ups
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Class sign-ups end tomorrow night, so get ye over to the post and sign up for fun, exciting, fake learnin'!

And then we can all get back in the blanket bunker and wait for 2016 to die.

Meme: Reverse Questions
the high cost of (magic) living
I was trying to chose between memes and someone suggested Questions and I'm the last one to have posted this back MAY so I'MMA DO IT AGAIN AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME NYAH.

Text most recently stolen from ME, stolen from filleauloup:

Tag in with your characters and then people will comment asking the MUNS anything about the GAME or THEIR CHARACTERS, because we all know the muns will answer when the characters won't. They can be specific questions ("How does he feel about her?") or general questions ("Why did you choose this character?", "How do you channel them?", etc).

As always, check back periodically for more people to tag because WE WANT ALL THE QUESTIONS!!!

Friending List, Spring 2017
glittery ender
If your journal is brand new to the friending list, you can go GO HERE, follow the updated instructions, and add all of the current game-related journals at once. (Up to LJ's 200-ish per day friending limit. To add the rest, just do the whole thing again at least 24 hours later.)

For everybody else, we have new characters to add, old ones to remove, a few to move around, and instructions on how to use one of the scripts (Windows or Mac) created by never_dull to do that all at once!

Step 1: Copy the list behind the cut, paste it into the word processing program of your choice, and save it as a text file: whatever-you-want-to-call-it.txt

Friending/Defriending Update ListCollapse )

Step 2:

For Windows users: download this file. Some browsers will try to save it as a txt file, so after you've downloaded it, verify that it's named correctly by going to Control Panel -- Folder Options -- View, and unchecking "Hide extensions for known file types." If your filename is "Add and Remove Friends.vbs" then all is good. If it's "Add and Remove Friends.vbs.txt" then delete the .txt part.

For Mac users: download this file. (Make sure the filename is "Add and Remove Friends with" )

Step 3: Double-click the file you just downloaded to run it.* The script will prompt you to choose the text file with your friending list in it, then it will ask for your journal name and password. (It won't save these or pass them on to anywhere but Livejournal.) Once that's done, it will add all of the friends on the list, up to Livejournal's daily limit, and when finished, will tell you which, if any, journals couldn't be added.

That's it, and poof, you're done!

[*If you're a Windows user and the file opens in Notepad instead of running, here's how to fix that: right-click on the "Add and Remove Friends.vbs" file and choose "Open With..." Check the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" then Browse to c:\windows\system32\wscript.exe and click Open, then OK. Now double-clicking the "Add and Remove Friends.vbs" file should run the script.]

neu: gotta love a man in uniform
Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! It's time to sign up for your Spring 2017 Classes! These sign-ups are for both NEW and RETURNING students!

Please read the following before you start signing up:

1) Teacher and Student Class Expectations! The all important guideline for what is expected of the players in Fandom High. Please give it a once-over even if you've seen it in some form or other before - consider it a good thing to click and read while I put up the OCD!

2) Japanese characters, please sign up in the Western style - given name, then family name - to make our alphabetical OCDing easier.

3) PC classes are those taught by a teacher character, the things you're signing up for here, as opposed to the NPC classes, which are discussed in their own thread towards the end of this post.

The Important Stuff About Signing Up For Classes

1) Each student character MUST sign up for at least 2 PC classes. Each player may only sign up for a MAXIMUM of 8 PC classes, spread among your student characters in any way you choose, as long as each has the minimum of 2. (Yes, this means that if you only have one student, you could sign them up for 8 classes. Just think carefully about whether you have the availability to handle that.)

2) If you're a TA for a class, you need to sign up for that class. It will count towards your minimum 2 / maximum 8 courses. Please note TA-ship in the sign-up, so the character won't be counted towards the class-maximum of 20 students. Teachers: please refrain from having your own character act as the TA as it defeats the purpose of having a back-up player to post for you!

3) If it's OOC for your character to take a class but you really want to take it anyway, just sign them up and we'll pretend it was an IG paperwork mishap.

4) If you sign up, you need to show up. Class attendance is how we keep track of your character's activity. If you repeatedly fail to at least sign in to your classes, we'll have to contact you about it, and you could be asked to leave the game.

5) Class descriptions are subject to change at the teacher's discretion.

6) To be fair to people in all time-zones, sign-ups are not first-come, first-serve. Excess numbers in classes will be whittled down with the handy-dandy Random Number Generator (RNG).

And now we get to what you really want to see: The Spring Classes!!!!

FH class sign-ups will close at 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, December 29th.

General FYI: Feel free to make changes to your class choices as long as you do it before the deadline. We use the final pings in each thread to make the class lists, not the email notifs. Questions or difficulties, please email us - fandomhighadmins (@) - or drop a question in the Questions thread down below.


pos: nggggh, pos: shirtless steve, pos: ping your supersoldier's done
Good afternoon, Fandom (at least where I am)! We are proud to present our newbies for the Spring 2017 semester:


Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls


Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai
Goodnight Robicheaux, The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

And our newest townie:

Joshua Faraday, The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Despite the temperatures outside, please give them all a shirtless Fandom welcome!

Fandom Advent! Part the Finaleth!
lsp: heyyy there
Alas, our time with advent is coming to an end. But we still have a few things for you...

  • Friday, December 23rd: An overwhelming scent of cookies will drift over the island, just for the day.
  • Saturday, December 24th: Every time you open a tap... starts playing 'Jingle Bells'.
  • Sunday, December 25th: Merry Christmas! Everyone gets a cake, fireplaces in their room, and a small gift on the mantle. The gift can't have a high monetary value, but it could have a high emotional one: lost a trinket from your dead mom back home? It's there. Your favorite food that you haven't eaten in ten years? There.

Application Reminders!
neu: gosh i'm so earnest, neu: drawing
It's that time of year!

Fandom Advent!
lsp: so what are we...?
And thus we continue with our next list of events!

  • Sunday, December 18th - All shirts turn into ugly Christmas sweaters. Sorry, guys.
  • Monday, December 19th - All buildings are now made out of gingerbread. All bites taken out of buildings will be restored to normal the next day, but try not to create a draft?
  • Tuesday, December 20th - The migratory Pushy Mistletoe is back in town! It will randomly appear when two people are in the same area, and hound them until they kiss. Or they destroy the mistletoe.
  • Wednesday, December 21st - Gremlins are picking up their books of carols again to go door to door to sing for people!
  • Thursday, December 22nd - Tiny reindeer will take to the sky, flying about.

Big Siblings and Teaching Buddies
dante - with vergil
Big Sibling Program

New students need old volunteers to help them get settled in, right? Right. We need IC student volunteers to pair up with incoming students and help them adjust to Fandom's little quirks. (And by 'little quirks' we clearly mean 'their fellow students turning into monsters' and so forth.) The idea behind this pairing is for the new student to have at least one person they can go to if they're not settling in too well and to ask questions and generally get answers that don't suck. OOCly-speaking, the big sibling's player should be available to help out the little sibling's player. Sometimes minimal help is needed as the little sibling will be a current player (or super duper fast at getting into the flow of FH) but if the player is new, you will act as their liaison and mentor while they get settled into the game. You need to be available OOCly to answer their questions, guide them in the right direction while they get used to the game, and hold their hand so they're not overwhelmed. Not literally, unless you have USB hands, which would be kind of awesome, actually.

Buddy System

This is the teacher version of the big sibling program. The idea is that you currently play a teacher or administrator, and your character is willing to show a new teacher/faculty member the ropes of living and teaching in Fandom. ICly your character will be there to answer any questions and take the poor teacher drinking after their first week (knowing these classes, the students might need it more). OOCly, if the player is new (or new to teaching) then you'll be on hand to provide answers to their questions, help them out and generally guide them while they get used to the game and/or RP teaching.

Please volunteer if you fit the following:

  • Your character won't be antagonistic about helping out someone (ICly, your character can be signed up against their will, but, please don't sign up if they're not going to be helpful to a new student or teacher)

  • You have the time to field questions from a newbie, and your character will be around consistently for the first few weeks of the semester (for the record, newbies arrive Saturday, December 31st)

  • You're genuinely willing to help. This game is big. It can be intimidating at first. Having someone who's a friendly face in the crowd helps new players out a heck of a lot, but being assigned to someone who disappears or isn't willing to help takes a lot of the fun out of starting up

So, after reading all that, if you think you're up to the job and you think your character will be helpful to a new student character, use the OCD threads below to sign up for the appropriate job! Please sign up in the appropriate thread of this post by 11:59 p.m. Pacific, Sunday, December 18th if you're interested!

As always, if you have any questions you don't want to ask in the post, please contact the admins via and we'll get back to you as speedily as possible!

Hey, folks! It's that time again: you want a new roommate? You can let us know down here!

Dorm roommates may be taken from the incoming batch of characters or from other current characters who want a roommate. No requests for specific newbies, please. If you want your character to move in with someone specific who's already at the school, that can be done anytime through fh_office; this post is just for those who want a surprise! Also be aware that commenting doesn't guarantee you'll get someone, but we'll see what we can do.

Comments are screened for your pleasure, but check in with your character's current roommate before signing up for a new one. Also, for those of you with characters who are taking off and leaving someone roommate-less, be sure to give them a heads up so they can throw their name in for a new roommate if they'd like!

The deadline is Sunday, December 25th, so get those changes in!

Fandom Advent!
lsp: so what are we...?
With the island recovering, Fandom Advent's kicking back in! Which means...

  • Wednesday, December 14th: Marshmallow snow blizzard! Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Thursday, December 15th: Christmas music will start playing everywhere from a mysterious source. Except it's not regular Christmas music. It's surf rock covers. Awww yeah, dude.
  • Friday, December 16th: The chickens in capes are back! And festive. They'll be running all over the island.
  • Saturday, December 17th: Opening a tap will now produce either hot or cold Gluhwein. You're welcome, Fandom.

Call For Classes - Spring 2017
pos: nggggh, pos: shirtless steve, pos: ping your supersoldier's done
It's time for teachers to come up with new classes! Or old classes with a shiny new title!

Do YOU Need This Form?

  • If you are a current teacher and would like to continue teaching, just read the next sections and fill out the form below.

  • If you are a) a current townie who has previously taught classes, b) a townie who has never taught before but would like to now, or c) an alum/expat who would be returning to the island to teach, YAY. You, as of the October 2015 policy changes, just need to drop us a line (at to let us know you're coming back, then mosey on down to fill out the class proposal!

    If you are a current teacher wanting to move to townie status, also drop us a line and don't worry about filling out the class proposal part. Obviously.

  • New teacher characters should fill out the regular application and ignore this post entirely.

What If I Want To Teach Adults At The Community Center?

Community center classes, much like FH classes, can be whatever the teacher wants them to be. If you want to teach a craft or life skill, or hold weekly lectures on why your character is the most awesome ever, that is your choice. The key is getting other players (and their characters) interested enough to show up each week. The difference between community center classes and FH classes is that while we would require someone teaching a course as their job to post weekly, there is no requirement for a class to show up.

Any adult can teach a community center course just for fun, too, in addition to their regular job. Again, just fill out the form here and let us know so we can put it on a little schedule, so players can know in advance that there will be a class available in which to participate.

What's Needed For a Class?

  • The ability to come up with 17 weeks worth of classes (16 + 1 exam).
  • The ability to post each class by noon Pacific or 3pm Eastern the day it's scheduled (you can also post the night before).
  • The ability to interact with your students (slow play is fine, you don't need to be around all the time).

The Form

Remember, not hearing from us right away is good - we will e-mail current/returning teachers to let them know their workshop works for us around the same time we send out final decisions on character applications.

Your teacher character's form will need to be in these comments by Sunday, December 18th for great scheduling justice!


BDE Brainstorming Post!
dante - down, dante - up, dante - upright
... not to be confused with the normal Saturday brainstorming post that went up earlier.

Hi, folks! Sign-ups have closed, now it's time to brainstorm! You're all good to go, so consider your sign-ups okayed. This post is here for a couple of things:

- Coordinating backstories between villagers and the newly-hollowed or already-bemonstered;
- Setting up fights between regular folks and monsters or regular folks and bosses;
- Anything else you might want to play with.

Note to anyone signed up as a fighter and/or a boss: We have selected two bosses to include in the finale and contacted those players accordingly. Anyone who signed up as a fighter will be distributed across these two bosses and EVIL ZOE, with the first two fights happening on Saturday - preplayed - and the last one happening on early Sunday morning, also preplayed.

That means anyone signed up as a fighter can already expect one fight. It also means that if you applied for a boss and you weren't contacted by us, you... can still play a boss! Either by posting your boss in open posts across the BDE, or by hooking up with any would-be fighters who'd like a crack at a boss outside our finale path, right here in this post.

If that doesn't make sense... ocd up!

dsp: sinner
A-ha! December is at hand! And that means one thing (besides BDE-time): crazy holiday stuff hitting the island. This is what you can expect in the days leading up to December 7th:

Thursday, December 1st: The Coca Cola-carrying polar bears are back, and they're huggy this time! They'll be roaming the island offering everyone refreshing beverages and bearhugs.
Friday, December 2nd: Strands of Christmas lights will be slithering across the island like snakes, lighting your way. (They don't bite.)
Saturday, December 3rd: Opening any door will cause 'Carol of the Bells' to play at you from the direction of the doorway. Very, very loudly.
Sunday, December 4th: Every common room will come equipped with cookies and milk for the hungry.
Monday, December 5th: It will rain fruit-shaped marzipan all over the island. Mmmm.
Tuesday, December 6th: You will find tiny presents at random. Every package is the size of a Funko Pop or smaller. What they contain? That's up to you, but don't go too big - these gifts aren't.

One-off plot!: The Day the Danger Shop Went Crazy
Hello lovely people! We interrupt your BDE planning probably already in progress with news of a one-off plot happening Tuesday, December 13. So, two days after y'all're done dealing with creepy monsterpocalypse taking over the island.

Tis the season.

On that Tuesday, Eliot Spencer will be opening up the Danger Shop to the public at large at the end of the school day to give his shop students a chance to show off their stuff to their classmates, teachers, and townie friends. What Eliot doesn't know is that his less-than-expert attempts at wrangling the Danger Shop programming and digging up the old shop class programs of yore have also unearthed a long buried, belligerent AI: Hal.

That's right, we're recycling a ten year old plot. It'll be just like rereading an old classic, only without weird unfinished OCD and threads broken by ancient journal purges!

Basically what's going to happen is this: once everyone has arrived for the Danger Shop open house and Eliot gets up to introduce the class, the doors to the shop will slam shut and lock. The carefully constructed safeties will fail. The Shop will turn into a junkyard, where all sorts of classic, multifannish robots will build themselves and converge on the people. Robot attack chaos ensues. Much clank. Very fighting. Wow. sorry The only escape will be a limited amount of space in the small control room, where a few good computer nerds will be needed to bust into the rogue Danger Shop programming, seek, out Hal -- who is just crazy enough to probably be doing an evil AI monologue about how much he hates shop teachers -- and take him down. Everyone else will need to use their hard-earned shop skills -- and general life experience of being in Fandom -- to defend themselves and each other from robot doom. The whole plot will take place ICly only over a few hours, and violence will be limited to the Danger Shop itself; no one who skips the open house need be involved. It'll be like a dance post. But with violence.

That's it. It's a one-off, like I said, a nice simple plot. Mostly a robot melee. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to ping in on the day(s) (the post will go up Monday for timezone and slow play glory, we're not nearly as fast now as we were in '06), for either NPC'd or modded robot battling. The only sign-ups I'm looking for are for the computer team, which will be preplayed, and for that I only need a few people. If we get more than three sign ups, I'll RNG our final team.

So, easy-peasy post-BDE lemon-squeezy. Deadline for signing up will be Saturday, December 3, to give us a little extra time to preplay around the BDE action.

Questions, comments, and general absurdity welcomed below.

Reminder: BDE!
dante - down, dante - up, dante - upright
Hey guys!

This is just a reminder that if you want to play an AU copy of your character in the BDE, or play another role, sign-ups close on Thursday, December 1st!
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Meme: Veritaserum
It seems like I've been posting quite a few of the memes recently but I'm going to ignore that and post another one as I'm home sick. This one we haven't done since June, and instructions most recently by vrajna_kralis:

Your character has just ingested a large quantity of veritaserum, or "truth potion." Any questions asked of them they have to answer truthfully, whether they want to or not! There's absolutely no way around it.

Hope someone else is in the mood for this!

BDE: It's The End Of The World We Can Actually Do Something About
bde: pony angry
Okay, so when we first came up with this BDE, we did not expect we'd be living under the actual apocalypse when we ran it. Sorry.

On the other hand: here's your chance to FIGHT THE FICTIONAL APOCALYPSE. From Wednesday, December 7th through to Sunday, December 11th, post-apocalyptic Fandom will merge with Fandom itself, cutting the island off from the rest of the world and forcing everyone to confront their AU selves from a world where things - we're not saying how, what, or which - went catastrophically wrong.

Yes, even worse than a Trump Presidency.

Wednesday will see flickers of our post-apocalyptic AU arriving on island, washing across various locations with the fog: if you want your character to not be around for this BDE, they can take these scares as a 'KAY, TIME TO GET AWAY FROM THIS PLACE' and bail. From Thursday on, however, the island will be wreathed in fog, and strange and twisted creatures will roam the island. Fandomites will wake up to find their homes and businesses in disrepair, with monsters potentially behind every door. (Even the dorms will not necessarily be safe - the only 'safe space' will be the shanty settlement in the park.)

And soon enough, they'll discover that many of these monsters used to be people they know.

Okay, so what kind of AU selves are we talking about?
Whatever terrible events transpired on Fandom to make the AU world that way, it ate at the memories of those on-island. The deterioration of memory for these AU selves can be at whatever level you choose, though we do stipulate that no one remembers the actual event that made things this way.

First comes forgetting. Then comes the changing. There's a certain point where enough memories are lost that a person goes hollow; people at this stage will be like zombies, violent but empty-eyed. The changing process continues after this, twisting their bodies further, taking significant traits and expanding on them to monstrous - and sometimes monstrously beautiful - levels. We don't want to hark back too much on the game that inspired this BDE, because we're not taking many of its rules, but an AU copy of your character could wind up grotesque but beautiful or just grotesque - it's up to you.

Eventually, the change will make enormous monsters of them all, if they survive the earlier stages. The biggest and most powerful of them all will eventually gravitate to places that are familiar to them, even if they are almost entirely out of memories. There'll be a cap on these, but we'll talk a little more about that later.

One thing does need to be said up front: we are placing no active limits on anyone in the range of 'still has a bunch of their memories, but not much' to 'zombie, beginning to change into something terrible'. That means not just all active characters - not just all active players! - on the island can be played in this range. Dropped characters can also be apped for this.

So there are different categories...?
Yes! Four of them!

1. AU Villagers with most memories intact
These are capped at two per person and no dropped characters. Those people who, in our AU, have managed to hold on to most of their memories will congregate in a small shanty settlement built in the Park. There, they are just trying to survive and cling on to sanity and companionship.

Characters who cannot rot in this way - immortal mutants not truly made of flesh, angel-demon hybrids who don't respond to the infections of mortal men, etc - also fall under this category, but if you're planning to lean that way, please let us know in your application so we can keep a tally of the more-or-less healthy. (Though again, even these people can't remember exactly what happened.)

2. The hollow
Close to zombies, the hollow are still alive, but their memories have passed and they now largely rely on old creature instincts. They're violent and will lash out at anyone, but they are still fundamentally human: no strange feats of power, or anything.

You can app any character as this, including dropped characters.

3. The monstrous
These are hollows that have started to change, but are not particularly powerful yet. Depending on what your character was like as a 'normal person', they'll see attributes increased - greater strength if they were a bodybuilder, flaming arms if they had a firey personality, whatever makes sense to you - and their bodies will be in a state of slowly-twisting.

You can app any character as this, including dropped characters.

4. The bosses
The truly monstrous and the truly bizarre. These characters will have mutated into something almost unrecognizable, deadly and powerful. They flock to one place or another from their memories and stay there, but they'll destroy anything in their path.

These are limited to one per person, and we'll pick up to four of these at random for our finale. (Please let us know if you can't play an antagonist in the finale.) These are limited to active characters in game.

Do I need a separate journal for this?
Yep; playing an alternate version of your character will involve making a new journal, so people can keep your character's real self and AU self apart.

So walk me through what's going to happen, exactly
On Wednesday, as we said up above, there will be flashes of this AU world across the island. People can leave until midnight. Then the fog will set in and block the island off from the rest of the world. The island will twitch and go grey and post-apocalyptic, rotting and terrible. Characters will not be replaced by their AU selves - they'll be able to encounter their AU selves out in the world instead.

Since the collection in the library will also be replaced by post-apocalyptic Fandom's books, a research team will be able to start digging into the question of what happened, how things can be put back to rights, and most immediately important, how to defeat the terrible bosses taking up space in various Fandom hotspots.

Like, say, the horrific twisted creature that was once your Principal who now haunts the upper levels of the school. That one.

By Saturday, the research team will have found ways to defeat the boss monsters. People will be able to fight the various boss monsters, defeat Boss Zoe, and return things to normal. WOO.

And how's that finale thing going to work?
Easy! A few days before the BDE starts, we'll post the names of all the bosses people have applied to play. Other players can then indicate an interest in fighting this boss - or not. The only one that's truly vital to the plot is Zoe, but the more we have, the more we can raise the stakes.

Questions? Comments? Pie? Otherwise, the application forms are below! There will be a brainstorming post closer to the day.

All apps are due on December 1st.

I'm having a quiet evening and was thinking that maybe someone else would like a meme too. Perhaps a distraction from worrying about elections is needed? Text most recently stolen from me!

Imagine that suddenly, everyone on the island is struck with relationship-amnesia. Trysts, exes, boyfriends, girlfriends, gone!

Post your pup's name here and people can reply, whether anonymous or in-character with their dabbling in the Cupidly arts. Do you know what Cupid really, really loves? When you give reasons as to the match-up.

Event Announcements: Cyberpunk and Weetiny Weekends!
dante - down, dante - up, dante - upright
Hey-o, Fandom! We interrupt your quiet Sunday to announce that next weekend (November 12th/13th) will be Cyberpunk Weekend! Much in the vein of events like Soap Opera Weekend, on this weekend, everything on the island will get turned into a dark, terrifying cyberpunk-stravaganza. An island on which Bo is not a succubus... but a sexbot, programmed to kill. The island's bars... could become simulation dens, where the rich and powerful pay good money to jack their brains into cyberspace! And of course, there is a sinister conspiracy at the heart of it all...

Maybe multiple sinister conspiracies. Maybe everyone's a robot. Maybe everyone thinks everyone is a robot, but they are not, in fact, robots! Maybe... well, you get the gist. (Or maybe your character wakes up that morning and is normal. It's entirely possible.) Cyberpunk tropes are here, if you need inspiration!

After Cyberpunk Weekend has passed, we continue on to Weetiny Weekend is up on November 19th-20th! You all know these by now, but let's run you through the rules anyway:

- Students, teachers, and townies alike will wake up on Saturday as pint-sized versions of themselves.
- Participation is completely optional.
- If you choose to participate, your character needs to wake up as a kid on Saturday morning and stay that way the whole weekend until waking up back to normal on Monday morning.
- The kids won't be terrified to wake up in Fandom, due to the wackiness. It's more like they've always been here.
- Clothing will be shrunk down as well, and all the weapons will turn into toys so no one can hurt themselves accidentally.
- This is open to alumni and expats as well!

And that is all. Let us know if you have any questions!

Meme: Who Would You Rather?
I'm very sleepy today which is a good reason to post a meme. Unless I'm missing a post we haven't done this one since December 2014.

Courtesy of throughaphase:

Ping into the comments, and people will present you with a choice between two people, like so:

Who would you rather fight zombies with, Zoe or Anakin?

Whose cooking would you rather eat, Karla or Isabelle?

Share your reasoning! It makes it better. This meme is all IC, and as usual anything gained from it has no bearing on anything IG. And don't forget to check back to see if there's anyone new you can give questions!

Meme: Getting To Know You
20 years later: oh lovely
Okay, I have had a Week and really wanna have meme responses of some stripe in my inbox. Plus we haven't done this one in forever.


Carnival Booth Reminder!
i am a little tempted
Hey folks! If you want to spend tomorrow kissing folks, getting dunked in water, or getting pies to the face, make sure you sign up here by the end of the night tonight!

Homecoming Weekend Hotel Accommodations
Drunk Mary
Homecoming Weekend managed to sneak up on me while I was busy getting my ass kicked by my new job. Let's not waste any more time before getting your alumni weekend lodging settled.

Some copypasta goes hereCollapse )

Comment to this post using the form provided under the cut tag. It's one form per room, but you can sign up for multiple rooms in one comment. If there are multiple people who want the same suite, the almighty RNG will decide. I recommend that if you pick a specialty suite, you list two or three back-up options in case the RNG does not rule in your favor (believe me, it's happened before). If you have an idea for a specialty suite, talk to me and it could be yours! Several of the available suites were suggestions from previous events. The deadline to be included in the RNG is Friday, October at 3 PM EST. If you miss the deadline, go ahead and comment to this post to reserve an ordinary room.

Handy dandy formCollapse )

Comments are screened to preserve the element of surprise. Questions will be unscreened as necessary. Spooky stories will be unscreened because I'm definitely not getting any sleep tonight and I need to share.

Homecoming Carnival Booth Sign-Ups!
i am a little tempted
Hello folks! As a reminder, this weekend (October 21-23) is Homecoming, and that means we need volunteers for the carnival on Friday! If you would like to be in one of the booths at the carnival, sign up in the appropriate OCD below by Thursday, October 20th.

Meme: Domesticity
not impressed
A meme! That we haven done since March!

Ping your character in and people will offer up a pairing with that character, which is used to answer the meme questions. Feel free to answer with single words, though explanations and examples are always fun. Then other people can chime in with how they see that pairing work. Any pairing goes: friends, NPCs, canon love, canon hate, canon indifference, roommates/housemates, and if-Hell-froze-over-and-these-two-characters-got-together, go crazy! Don't forget to check back in throughout the day and see who else has pinged in!
For example:
Who uses all the hot water in the morning? Warren. He's got a LOT more to wash than Karla and when she is in the mood to spend a long time in the tub, she takes a bath with a glass of wine and a book. Also, Warren is the one who leaves the bathroom a wreck because soggy wings leave water everywhere.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?:
What is their favorite non-sexual activity?:
Who uses all the hot water in the morning?:
What they order from take out?:
What is the most trivial thing they fight over?:
Who does most of the cleaning?:
Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat's not working?:
Who steals the blankets?:
What is their late-night-viewing guilty pleasure?
Who kissed who first?
What would they do if the other one was hurt?
What do they get each other for gifts?
Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
How do they celebrate anniversaries?
What do they name their pet(s)?
On a scale from tolerable to sickeningly adorable in public, where do they rank?

But because these things always change and evolve, now there's a whole new set of questions we can ask for details about! Behold Domesticity Meme Part 2!

Who cooks normally?
How often do they fight?
What do they do when they're away from each other?
Nicknames for each other?
What do they get each other for gifts?
Who flirts more?
Do they act different in public and at home?
What are little gestures they do for each other?
Who kills the spiders?
Who is "the dominant one" (for however you want to define that)?
Who is the cuddler?
What annoying habit does one have that the other hates?
What do they do to make the other one jealous?
What do they do that embarrasses the other one?
What did they nearly break up over?
What is "their song"?
How do they handle holidays?

Have fun and have at!

Reminder - Ye Olde Renn Faire!
This Saturday, before everyone wanders off to Fall Break, there will be a trip to the Maryland Renaissance Fair. Be there and be square. Or round. Maybe a little triangle.

You do you.

Parents Weekend Apps!
lsp: heyyy there
We've checked them over. You're all good to go!

Fall Break Sign-Ups!
x plot: i can do this all day, x plot: tiny earnest steeb
Good afternoon, Fandom! We interrupt your pre-Parents' Weekend plotting to tell you about our Fall Break plans this year. When the days turn shorter (...some places), and the air crisper (...some places), our thoughts turn to leaves changing colors, drinking as many pumpkin spice lattes as humanly possible, dressing like Han Solo (with boots, leggings, and adorable vests), and spoooooky ghost stories.

Like the ones from Sleepy Hollow, New York.


From Sunday, October 9th through Saturday, October 15th, the students (and teachers, and the teachers' guests) are invited to explore Sleepy Hollow for the week. There will be cemetery tours! Haunted hay rides! A delightful mile and a half walk from Sleepy Hollow to the Castle Hotel in Tarrytown, where we're sure nothing creepy will ride along on horseback in the evenings!

Sign ups are open until Thursday, October 6th.

RANDOM EVENT: Angler Attack!
peter: lighting shit on fire
Hello, Fandom!

We're all preparing for the onslaught of parents right now, but right after, on Tuesday, October 4th Fandom's going to be dealing with a whole different kind of onslaught: angle frogs! These big-teethed frogs are anywhere between the size of a dog and the size of a horse, and they will be hiding in (and attacking from) an onset of mist that starts on Tuesday morning.

Angler frogs have anglers (duh) and they're mildly psychic: the glowing tips of their lures - portruding from their heads like that of an anglerfish - can turn into anything their victim might desire. Maybe you'll suddenly spot that book you've wanted for ages, glowing in the fog. Maybe you run into one right as you really crave a drink, and oh look, there's that Dr. Pepper you were thinking about. The bigger the frog, the bigger the item can be, and touching a lure will paralyze you for a second or so - which the frog will attempt to use to bodycheck you.

Or gnaw on your head.

The frogs will get chased off the island along with the fog when the sun goes down, and they can't access the usual safe spaces, such as the dorms. So have fun! Or stay indoors. That's also a good idea.

Hotel Acommodations For Parents Weekend
The Wedding's Off
How is it almost Parents Weekend already? I've still got my air conditioner turned up and keep getting bitten by mosquitoes, so it feels nothing like fall. Still, Parents Weekend is upon us and the Arms Hotel has plenty of lovely rooms at a good price, as well as extravagant rooms at a sensational price.

The usual copypasta, with a new specialty suite addedCollapse )

Comment to this post using the form provided under the cut tag. It's one form per room, but you can sign up for multiple rooms in one comment. If there are multiple people who want the same suite, the almighty RNG will decide. I recommend that if you pick a specialty suite, you list two or three back-up options in case the RNG does not rule in your favor (believe me, it's happened before). If you have an idea for a specialty suite, talk to me and it could be yours! Several of the available suites were suggestions from previous events. The deadline to be included in the RNG is Thursday, September 29 at 9 PM EST. If you miss the deadline, go ahead and comment to this post to reserve an ordinary room.

Handy dandy formCollapse )

Comments are screened to preserve the element of surprise. Questions will be unscreened as necessary. Pumpkin Spice Lattes will automatically be unscreened and consumed.

meme: 5 things to 5 people
huge smile
We last did this one about a year ago and there was not a lot of activity, so! Here's a meme.

Make a list of five things your character would like to say to five different people and don't include their names. The messages don' t have to be secrets. Try to keep it to those on the island (or those off island like our esteemed alums and expatriates!), but if you need to pad your list, or it's really important, non-islanders (canonical characters that might not be IG) count too!

Yes, you can do more than five, and by all means, please reply to one another/guess at each other's responses!

Meme: Answer for an Answer
bde: dante pony scared
I love question-y memes, but I like to mix it up every once in a while, and we literally haven't done this one for two years. So!

Tag your character in. Other characters will then comment asking them embarrassingly personal questions, but there's a catch. In exchange for your answer, they have to answer whatever embarrassingly personal question you ask them in return, and it all has to be truthful. Nothing counts IG, per usual.

Also, boneyard_girl told me to. So nyah.

Parents Weekend Classifieds!
i am looking over my shoulder, i am looking up and amused
Rather than posting in your own journal and cluttering up the flist, this post is the place to ping in and search out someone to play a PW character for you or where you can advertise yourself as available and willing to play for other people!

Parents' Weekend 2016!
i am hugging you, i am in love
It's that time of the year again! Parents' Weekend is approaching: the one weekend every year where parents, guardians, siblings, friends, and other guest stars from the lives of Fandom's students, teachers, and townies can come to the island to frolic around with their nearest and dearest's nearest and dearest! This year, we'll be running Parents' Weekend from September 30th through October 2nd.

How It Works:
On Friday, September 30th, we'll put up an OOC post announcing that all guest stars are cleared for entry - barring those we've contacted up front about any issues. Starting then, guests can start arriving in town, checking in at the hotel, and mingling. The school will be open all weekend, allowing teachers to be around for parent-teacher conferences, and events will be held to get everyone socialized. Come Sunday, guests can once again flee the island, leaving Fandomites everywhere to sigh in relief.

Who Can Show Up:
Parents, guardians, siblings, friends, enemies, evil twins, etc. If your character has someone to come and visit them, they may very well be eligible! The way this works is that you decide which character(s) you want to come (keep it to a maximum of 3, but if you have a pressing need for more for some reason, please contact us), find someone to play them and then submit the character and player details below. During this time we allow non-players to participate in a game event! It's the perfect opportunity to get your non-FH friends sucked in by getting them to participate in a one weekend event with no on-going commitment. You're also welcome to get fellow players to play guest stars for you if they have the time. If you can't find someone, there will shortly be a post going up where you can request a volunteer to help you out. Please use the upcoming post for your recruiting instead of doing it in your own journal to save your friends list from being spammed.

Signing Up:
Pick your guest star character(s), find a player for them, create a journal, and fill out the form below with the handy coding already done for you! We do ask that when you're creating your PW guest star's LJ that you be sure to list the character's name when LiveJournal asks you for a name. This tiny step is endlessly helpful to other players reading through PW posts, especially if they don't know your canon. Additionally, we recommend you put contact information such as an AIM screen name or email address of the player in your PW guest star's profile.

Parents' Weekend apps are due Wednesday, September 28th.

Questions, comments, pumpkin pie? (It's not too early!) Comments will be screened to keep guest stars secret if you want, and will be unscreened for questions and such.

Meme: Anonymous Love
with moth
I'm not feeling very well and want something to cheer me up. We haven't done this one since April and I hope it will make everyone feel better.

Rules are as follows:
1. Make a comment to this post with the name of your character. (If you play more than one character, you can make a comment for each of them.)
2. Go through and leave anonymous comments in other characters' threads saying nice things about them. (About the character or how they're played, or even something you like about the player; any of this is acceptable as long as they're nice things).
3. Read the comments your characters get and feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Meme: Honesty!
I am having an anxiety day, we have newbies, and we haven't done this since April, so let's have a meme!

Tag your character into a comment. Other characters reply with how they feel about your character. It can be good feelings, bad feelings, or both - anything you want to get off your chest but it must be the truth and it must be IC. The honesty must be on a character to character basis and not as a player to character as with our anon love memes. Note that the characters don't need to know each other (people can prejudge others by what they hear!) and it can also be characters that aren't on the island.

For the purpose of this meme, characters may have total knowledge of IG events, but, as with any meme, it has no IG consequences.

If you tag your character into the meme, try to comment to other characters with your honest impressions of them and keep checking back during the day to see if new people have tagged in!


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