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Upcoming Events!
We interrupt your genderswap weekend currently in progress for an announcement about some upcoming events. First, on Saturday, April 8th the island is bursting into song... again! Yes, it's the return of Once More With Fandom, the forcing-you-to-sing-your-feelings-out extravaganza we all know and love.

Our second announcement is about the BDE. This one will be scheduled for Easter weekend, April 15th-17th. Because it's Easter, it'll be a chill, play-as-you-wish affair with absolutely minimal sign-ups, so anyone can opt in or out as they please and on an hour-by-hour basis. Something is shorting in the bowels of the island, sending the island across the planet to god knows foggy where, and cutting off all communications.

Clearly, one of those terrible, soul-breaking BDEs is about to happen again and we should all be terrified. Right? Right?

... Instead, the catacombs underneath the island are going to spit up a veritable bonanza of weird mutant animals to invade the island, with earthquake-inducing easter bunnies at the forefront. The only way to stop them is to go on a hunt inside the machinery of the island.

And damn, but it's full of bunnies.

We'll post more information - and sign-ups! - in a couple of days.

Questions, comments, pie?


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