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On Dreamwidth, Moving, Polls, etc.
The polls closed two days ago, and by a far-greater-than-the-Turkey-referendum-or-the-US-election margin, Move has won - with 21 for votes and one against. This means we're going to begin the process of moving the game to Dreamwidth, which we hope to complete by May 3rd, three days before the summer semester Welcome Picnic.

To do that, we're going to need everyone's help on two matters. Please make sure to read this post carefully.

1. Everyone needs to move their character journals to Dreamwidth
This one is fairly straightforward. You can't play in a Dreamwidth game if you don't have a Dreamwidth journal. Please make sure you have these ready by April 24th! If you have not yet made Dreamwidth backups of your journals, here's how to do it:

Dreamwidth comes equipped with an LJ importer tool that will copy all of your entries, friends, userpics and comments from your LiveJournal; all you have to do is enter your LJ username and password and tick all the necessary boxes when asked. You need a Dreamwidth account for this, but it doesn't necessarily have to have the same username as the one you're using on LiveJournal; any one will do.

The process takes some time, so don't expect everything to get imported immediately.

It's also finnicky about icons: it will only import all of them if your Dreamwidth account has enough icon space to hold them. A basic Dreamwidth account holds 15 icons - if you don't want to buy a paid account there, you'll have to let your paid account run out or delete icons until you hit 15 before you run the importer. It doesn't matter how many icons you've used in the past at that point: they'll all be imported, though you can only use fifteen of them until you buy more icon space.

Okay, so that's it?
No, there's more! This process will import all entries, comments, icons and friends to your account. However, you might have played out threads in other journals or communities. Those comments are not yet claimed, and aren't linked to your account.

Luckily, Dreamwidth has a function for that, too. Just go to the Claim Your OpenId page. Fill in your LiveJournal URL in the 'Claim a new OpenID URL' box, then follow instructions. It might take a while for DW to finish this process, but it will mail you when it's done.

2. We need to know which characters you intend to keep playing.
While Dreamwidth imports can take care of a lot, one thing it doesn't do is import community members. This means we'll have to do this manually, and putting effort into sending invites to characters you're not planning to play anymore is a bit of a waste.

We've had a Fandom High census poll in the works for a while; with an eye on the Dreamwidth move, we think this is a good time to deploy it. Please make sure to vote here by Monday, April 24th on which of your own characters you'd like to keep, and which you're not really planning to play anymore.

Finally, we'll make our final FH backup imports on May 5th. Please don't post anything into the comms at that time - we can't guarantee it'll make the trip over to Dreamwidth if you do.

Questions, comments, concerns?

You have a free account on Dreamwidth and a paid account on LJ (for Lucille; it's probably the same for Leto).

The LJ account has 27 active icons and the DW account only has 15 icon spaces - that breaks the icon importer.

Sadly, the "bust the LJ account down to Basic level" solution Len listed in the main post doesn't work anymore. I just figured out today that they broke it with this new update.

So the only way to get your icon transfer to work is to either upgrade to a paid DW account (which will increase the icon slots to 30) or delete the extra icons from the LJ account until it's down to 15.

(If you save the files and the keywords, then you can always manually add them to the Dreamwidth account later, whenever you do want to make it paid.)

It might also just take a day or so for the shift to basic to work out; I know it didn't work for me in the beginning, but did when I'd left Ender's account at 15 icons for a week or so. I ran that import just last week.

You can absolutely take it down to 15 icons by deleting the rest - if that's what you meant by shifting it to basic then I was just mis-reading! I thought you were referring to the thing where you used to be able to literally go to the "Account Level" page and say "I want to shift my paid account down to basic level." They took that away with the new update on the 4th, as far as I can tell; when I go to that page with a paid account, the only thing I can do is buy more paid time.

Oh, you meant they took it away on the LJ side! No, what I wound up doing was letting Ender's account time run out, then I waited a few days and ran the importer. It imported all my icons (but only left me 15 active ones). I didn't realize LJ had done away with the option to go basic altogether.

Ayuup, which sucks. The only way to take an LJ account down to basic now is to let the time run out. Which is fine if it's gonna run out next week, but if you've still got months and want to import your icons to DW right now, then you're stuck with either buying more DW slots, or manually deleting LJ icons until you're down to the same as the number of Dreamwidth slots.

That explains it at least. I don't have a lot of icons so deleting should work anyway.


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