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Brainstorming for Umbridgeverse!
Who wants to storm some brains? You guys? YOU GUYS!

This is where you can all throw things out there in order to set up a past for your characters in this wild, new frontier.

A few admin positions are set (Peter and Ender Wiggin are part of the organising committee of the resistance, Umbridge with the... well, with Umbridge, Anakin Skywalker is dead, Bo is one of her main leather-clad henchwomen, Deadpool is a slightly less leather-clad henchwoman... Zoe Winchester's in detention...) and there are Umbridge's rules (no co-ed rooms, no public affection, enforced personal space of four inches (NO TOUCHING), random dorm inspections, and there's a curfew) as well as an official Umbridge radio channel (bringing you daily motivational messages as well as information) and an underground paper.

Remember: Magic needs to be kept on the down low unless you're a member of the Umbridge posse! Unsupervised magic is verboden, folks!

Now, get your OCD-laden storm of brains on.

Re: My Character is dead!

Reno, possibly no shock to anybody, refused to swear fealty to anybody but the Turks. He joined the Resistance, running double-agent duty, and doing a damn good job of it. But Turks don't have a high life expectancy. He made a slip, his cover was blown, went out in a blaze of glory in a standoff against the Loyalists. He died with a grin on his face, satisfied that he'd given his killer a pretty bad day, right back.

Warren Peace was also part of the resistance, using his fire power and enhanced durability to play bodyguard to his allies. It was the Art Protest Riot that did him in- the same one that Anemone died in. If you look down the street he was killed on, you can still find a patch of stone scorched black from that fight.

Nathan Algren fell victim to an Imperius spell, and faithfully served as a Loyalist for two years, teaching war tactics in the school at the same time. Eventually, he worked up a resistance to the spell, but he hit old, self-destructive habits hard in the wake of it, and was cut down by the Loyalists a few months later, when he decided to test his Winchester rifle against superhuman powers.

Zack Fair never came to the island, neither did Jim Hawkins, Tybalt Capulet, or Michelangelo.

Valentine took off once he noticed things going irreversibly downhill, because he's seen enough insane, over-powered murderous rulers in his lifetime thank-you-very-much, and he'd much rather take his chances back in his own world with the shadows and all other manner of crawly things.

I'm sure I missed someone.

Re: My Character is dead!

If you look down the street he was killed on, you can still find a patch of stone scorched black from that fight.

Momoko still doesn't go down that street unless she is absolutely ordered to, thank you very much. She doesn't think about or remember why, she just doesn't.


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