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Hello my darlings, with a new semester approaching it is of course time to get in those requests for a new roommate assignment!

Dorm roommates may be taken from the incoming batch of characters or from other current characters who want a roommate. No requests for specific newbies, please. If you want your character to move in with someone specific who's already at the school, that can be done anytime through fh_office; this post is just for those who want a surprise! Also be aware that commenting doesn't guarantee you'll get someone, but we'll see what we can do.

Comments are screened for your pleasure, but check in with your character's current roommate before signing up for a new one. Also, for those of you with characters who are taking off and leaving someone roommate-less, be sure to give them a heads up so they can throw their name in for a new roommate if they'd like!

The deadline is Sunday, April 30th, so get those changes in!


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