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Zoe Winchester bigdamndean wrote in fandomhigh_ooc
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It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Hey folks! Prom will be next Friday, April 21st, and you all know what that means: AU KIDS!

Everyone's AU kids will be arriving the morning of Saturday, April 22nd and will stick around until Monday, April 24th. You have the option of having children show up at any age from 3 through 17. Alumni can get in on the action too, as kids of theirs can also find themselves coming through the portal, landing in Fandom, and giving their very surprised parents a call. Or, if they are teenagers, roll their eyes, ignore being responsible members of society, and bop around the island having their own fun. The sign-up for AU kids is up in fhplotterywheel here, so get your thinking caps on for brainbreaky and adorable kids/teenagers and their oh-so-necessary icons, then trot on over there to sign up before Thursday, April 20th!


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