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Big Siblings and Teaching Buddies!
Big Sibling Program

New students need old volunteers to help them get settled in, right? Right. So, we need IC student volunteers to pair up with incoming students and help them adjust to Fandom's little quirks. (And by 'little quirks' we clearly mean 'their fellow students turning into monsters' and so forth.) The idea behind this pairing is for the new student to have at least one person they can go to if they're not settling in too well and to ask questions and generally get answers that don't suck. OOCly-speaking, the big sibling's player should be available to help out the little sibling's player. Sometimes minimal help is needed as the little sibling will be a current player (or super duper fast at getting into the flow of FH) but if the player is new, you will act as their liaison and mentor while they get settled into the game. You need to be available OOCly to answer their questions, guide them in the right direction while they get used to the game, and hold their hand so they're not overwhelmed. Not literally, unless you have USB hands, which would be kind of awesome, actually.

Buddy System

This is the teacher version of the big sibling program. The idea is that you currently play a teacher or administrator, and your character is willing to show a new teacher/faculty member the ropes of living and teaching in Fandom. ICly your character will be there to answer any questions and take the poor teacher drinking after their first week (knowing these classes, the students might need it more). OOCly, if the player is new (or new to teaching) then you'll be on hand to provide answers to their questions, help them out and generally guide them while they get used to the game and/or RP teaching.

Please volunteer if you fit the following:

  • Your character won't be antagonistic about helping out someone (ICly, your character can be signed up against their will, but, please don't sign up if they're not going to be helpful to a new student or teacher).

  • You have the time to field questions from a newbie, and your character will be around consistently for the first few weeks of the semester (for the record, newbies arrive Saturday, May 6th).

  • You're genuinely willing to help. This game is still pretty big. It can be intimidating at first. Having someone who's a friendly face in the crowd helps new players out a heck of a lot, but being assigned to someone who disappears or isn't willing to help takes a lot of the fun out of starting up.

So, after reading all that, if you think you're up to the job and you think your character will be helpful to a new student character, use the OCD threads below to sign up for the appropriate job! Please sign up in the appropriate thread of this post by 11:59 p.m. Pacific, Sunday, April 30th if you're interested!

As always, if you have any questions you don't want to ask in the post, please contact the admins and we'll get back to you as speedily as possible!

I want to be a big sibling!


Re: I want to be a big sibling!

Peridot here, please!

Re: I want to be a big sibling!

Rey goes here!

Re: I want to be a big sibling!

Eric is already getting that "Welcome to FH" kit ready omg.

Re: I want to be a big sibling!

Ringo Noyamano

RE: I want to be a big sibling!

Wrong account but let's toss Merrill in here if you still need big siblings because I'm sure that will go well.

Re: I want to be a big sibling!

Pinkie Pie would love a state sanctioned externally enforced? school-assigned new friend, if you still need folks!

I want to be a teaching buddy!


Re: I want to be a teaching buddy!

And Kanan here!

Re: I want to be a teaching buddy!

Kitty goes here!

Re: I want to be a teaching buddy!

Hannibal goes here!


La la la! <3

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