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Pardon me while I do a little flist flooding this morning!

As a reminder, graduation for our seniors will be this Saturday, April 29. (*sob*) This means NPC guests and alumni/expatriates are welcome for the weekend! We're not doing guest applications this year - we don't expect anyone to bring in someone who would break things, and you all know how many characters you can handle playing in a weekend.

Guest NPCs can have their own journals. Whether or not your character knows their guests are coming is totally up to you and your level of evilitude. NPC guests are only for seniors. Other students are more than welcome to attend the graduation ceremony in support of their friends, but they can't bring their own NPCs. All guests are welcome to visit campus but need to sleep in town. Guests can start arriving the morning of Friday, April 28th, and need to leave the island by Monday, May 1st.

As for valedictorians, if your character would like to be one, leave a comment below (it'll be screened for at least a small element of surprise on Saturday). Keep in mind that the valedictorian(s) will be expected to make a speech at graduation, and you get imaginary bonus points for making people cry. :D

I want to be a valedictorian!

La la la!

I have a question!

There's always one!


31 days of school left, y'all. I might survive this year without murder.


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