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Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! It's time to sign up for your First Session Summer 2017 Workshops! These sign-ups are for both NEW and RETURNING students (but not graduating seniors, unless they're TAs.)!

Please read the following before you start signing up:

1) Teacher and Student Class Expectations! The all important guideline for what is expected of the players in Fandom High. Please give it a once-over even if you've seen it in some form or other before - consider it a good thing to click and read while I put up the OCD!

2) Japanese characters, please sign up in the Western style - given name, then family name - to make our alphabetical OCDing easier.

3) PC classes are those taught by a teacher character, the things you're signing up for here, as opposed to the NPC classes, which are discussed in their own thread towards the end of this post.

The Important Stuff About Signing Up For Classes

1) Each student character MUST sign up for at least 2 PC classes. Each player may only sign up for a MAXIMUM of 8 PC classes, spread among your student characters in any way you choose, as long as each has the minimum of 2. (Yes, this means that if you only have one student, you could sign them up for 8 classes. Just think carefully about whether you have the availability to handle that.)

2) If you're a TA for a class, you need to sign up for that class. It will count towards your minimum 2 / maximum 8 courses. Please note TA-ship in the sign-up, so the character won't be counted towards the class-maximum of 20 students. Teachers: please refrain from having your own character act as the TA as it defeats the purpose of having a back-up player to post for you!

3) If it's OOC for your character to take a class but you really want to take it anyway, just sign them up and we'll pretend it was an IG paperwork mishap.

4) If you sign up, you need to show up. Class attendance is how we keep track of your character's activity. If you repeatedly fail to at least sign in to your classes, we'll have to contact you about it, and you could be asked to leave the game.

5) Class descriptions are subject to change at the teacher's discretion.

6) To be fair to people in all time-zones, sign-ups are not first-come, first-serve. Excess numbers in classes will be whittled down with the handy-dandy Random Number Generator (RNG).

And now we get to what you really want to see: Summer Workshops! (Session 1)!!!!

FH class sign-ups will close at 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, May 4, 2017.

General FYI: Feel free to make changes to your class choices as long as you do it before the deadline. We use the final pings in each thread to make the class lists, not the email notifs. Questions or difficulties, please email us - fandomhighadmins (@) - or drop a question in the Questions thread down below.


MON: Period 1: Cunk: How To Science Things All Sciencily

Have you ever wondered why we only have laps when we sit down? Are you befuddled by the leaves and how they managed to get up there? And sure, they say the sky is blue, but sometimes it's more sort of reddish or purple so you've got to wonder really what they're doing to it, like maybe an angel got shot up there, or the sky's done a bad dye job, like.

In this class, we will work on these problems and science them as if we are science men. For science.

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TUES: Period 1: Aphra: Archeology For Fun and Profit!

The galaxy is vast, and old and full of things that want to kill you. Which means that the galaxy is also full of dead people who left all their stuff behind for other people to find! And study! Or sell to other people to study! Which is where archaeologists come in because if you don’t fill in the right paperwork it’s just graverobbing.

And that’s bad.

Anyway, let’s face it, the universe is going to get you eventually, so you might as do something interesting before it does. Like my class!


WED: Period 1: Mayer: Resolving Conflict Without Violence

Life is full of difficult questions, and it’s hard to find the answers alone. We’ll examine these questions in an environment of group and paired discussions, but we acknowledge that arriving at firm answers is often impossible. Instead, we’ll focus on how to think with one another, and share our ideas productively. Topics are likely to include: sacrificing the few for the good of the many, the limits of self-sacrifice, and when it is appropriate to take a life.


THUR: Period 1: Burnsides: Woodworking (and Vehicle Proficiency)

Learn the craft of woodworking from a master. Also how to operate a vehicle! (And animal handling it time permits)


FRI: Period 1: Lecter: Philosophy of Food

This class will be a look into the thoughts about, ethics of, and culture surrounding food. The class experience will include a wide variety of food as an entry towards discussion.

Class topics will include (but are not limited to):

- What is food?
What makes something “food”? How do cultural and individual preferences affect this?
- Why do we eat?
Is sustenance the only reason for consumption of food? What pleasure do we derive from food, and why? What other significance do we attach to it?
- Food culture:
What other aspects of civilization revolve around food? How does the way we address food relate to the way we address the world?



For those students in need of specific core content courses, NPC classes are handwavy, off-screen classes taken online at the student's own pace, and taught by our brilliant and not at all homicidal Danger Shop computer, HAL 9000. No sign-ups will be necessary, there is no minimum or maximum number of these classes your student can take, and they don't count towards or against the requirements for PC workshops.

We'll collect up your requests for class subjects, respond to anything that seems problematic, combine any duplicates, and make a list that will be posted along with the PC workshop rosters once sign-ups are over. After that, any student may refer to that list when talking about additional classes they're taking!

So, in this thread, please request NPC classes of a normal high school nature that you'd like to be available for your characters to take. (List as many as you'd like in the same comment, but please keep them to classes you actually want, not general suggestions.)


What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


An African or a European swallow?

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For new character journals over on DW, should we just sign them up from an existing one over here?

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