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Meme: Potential Journals
Last done in July as far as I can tell, but the impending move inspired me.

We've all got characters that you've been sitting on to app! Let's get them out there for one last hurrah before we move to DW and start hording collecting a whole new set of journal names! LET'S HAVE A POTENTIALS PARTY! EVERY POTENTIAL. ANY POTENTIAL.

Pop in your potential future journals and show everyone you might play off! Encourage and enable those characters that you see and you want others to app! Have fun!

... I will forever lament that I didn't get a chance to use this one. Willing to place bets that it's taken over on DW, but hey, whaddaya do?

I actually had an app all written up for Wirt, here. I... still don't know why I didn't send it. Maybe in the fall.

Never gonna happen because customizable player character, but how was I gonna resist this username and the fact that Sara Ryder is the most adorable goober ever?

And I haven't given up on the possibility of giving Valentine another spin, now that Fandom is a very different game than it once was.

I'd be able to fit more of the word if I were to make this one on DW!

Someone is squatting on this name on DW and it makes me so maaaaaaaaaad.

I feel your pain - someone is squatting on this one, too!

Finding a PB has been a pain and a half... I need more cosplayers to start embracing the Sombra love.

Because what Fandom needs is a grumpy, obsessive girl with a crush and the ability to manipulate time.



Croach the Tracker, Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars from Thrilling Adventure Hour

Someday if I ever find this elusive thing called "free time".

I STILL have no freaking idea who this was meant to be.

Maybe someday.

Raise your hand if you searched for a sequel for YEARS.


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