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Summer Plans (and Siblings)
*switches to Clint for a little variety*

Hey folks! First things first, we're still looking for a few people to be big siblings or teaching buddies, so if you're interested, make sure you throw your name in over here by tomorrow night!

Second things second, in order to prepare for the summer terms, we need to know what your plans are for your students. Thanks to the census, we know who's leaving and staying in general, but now we need the finer details. Graduates are welcome to stay for the summer as long as they TA for a workshop (it's up to you to find a teacher to TA for), or have a job in town where they can continue to work (as long as there's a post of them at their job at least once a week). For the second summer term, you can also have your newly-minted grad run a workshop of their own.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • You can leave at the end the first term if you'd like (the beginning of July), or go home for the first term and come back for the second.

  • The IC deadline for those who are planning to leave the island (graduates who aren't sticking around, students who are going away for the summer, and students who are leaving the game or becoming expats) is Friday, May 5th.

  • Your graduate can ICly plan to stick around, but be whisked home partway through the term unexpectedly. This means their only option for summer employment will be a job in town- they cannot run a workshop or TA for one if they're leaving before it's completed.

All graduates will need to leave the island by the end of the second term (the end of August). *sob*

If you've got some summer plans that we need to know, please fill out the following information to let us know what you're planning (replies will be screened):



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