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Field Trip May 5th!
Attention current Fandom denizens:

Since we will be doing the last big community imports to Dreamwidth on May 5th (and you're probably as excited as we are to give the new DW comms a spin), we offer you a field trip open to townies, students, and teachers: Steve Rogers' version of Washington DC!

  • Enjoy a reality without Trump!

  • Marvel (heh) at Steve's exhibit in the Air & Space museum (especially the newsreels highlighting his time as a USO trained dancer)!

  • Try out your new icons/usernames!

We'll be over at, which is already up-to-date (and with a hilariously awesome header, thanks to MP)!

If you choose not to join us, please don't post to any of the game comms (either LJ or DW) so we can make sure we've grabbed everything on our final run-through.





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